Anyone can benefit from the services provided by an accredited exercise physiologist.

All rehabilitation sessions are conducted on a one to one basis at our Launceston offices.

A referral from a general practitioner is not required. Exercise physiologists offer a diverse range of services for both the individual and in the workplace environment.

These include injury rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, assisting those with chronic complex diseases and also general health and fitness programs.

Other services available include workplace assessments, manual handling training, health and lifestyle lectures and presentations.

All our programs are designed to take into account the specific needs or requirements of the client. We strive to provide the best possible service for our clients in a relaxed and encouraging environment focusing on achieving our clients’ health and well-being goals.

Fit young couple exercising on fitness balls in the bright gym

Injury Rehabilitation

We specialise in exercise based injury rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, offering a range of treatment options for our clients.

Programs are individually designed taking into account the specific needs and restrictions of the client as well as the target outcomes that we are trying to achieve. The goal of all our treatment is for our clients to be able to successfully self-manage their conditions when treatment with us has finished. They are able to improve their quality of life, complete activities of daily living more effectively while at the same time improve their general health and well-being.

The types of treatment that are available are gym-based exercise programs, hydrotherapy and home-based exercise programs. The structure and type of exercise used for these programs are specific to the client’s needs and situations. All gym and hydrotherapy sessions are fully supervised by one of our exercise physiologists. Home-based programs are developed using forms of exercise that are easy for the client to complete in a home-based situation and consider factors such as level of mobility, types of equipment available and forms of exercise clients will be able to successfully complete. We also do both workers compensation assessments and exercise physiology based rehabilitation programs.

Chronic Complex Diseases Management

Research over the past two decades has found exercise to be a beneficial tool as a preventative measure and treatment strategy for a wide variety of chronic and complex diseases.

Its has been shown that the associated costs of these conditions has placed an increased burden on the Australian health care system and that with the use of an appropriate exercise and nutrition program these costs could be reduced.

Exercise physiologists are widely recognised as highly qualified health professionals and experts at the design and delivery of exercise programs.

Some examples of chronic and complex diseases include arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression and neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

The main role of accredited exercise physiologists are to develop long term behavioural changes by encouraging clients to self-manage their health through the use of exercise and modifying their lifestyle, using exercise for both preventing and treating disease.

Weight Management Programs

To assist in maintaining a healthy body weight and composition through guidance and encouragement using both gym and home-based exercise programs, motivating clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

This is an important area in the health and fitness industry because of the increased risk of developing other conditions (for example diabetes type II) as a result of the increased number of adults in Australia who are now overweight or obese.

Using carefully prescribed exercise as a preventative tool and as a way to manage these conditions both before and after they develop.

We also work to encourage and educate clients about trying to live healthy lives and to think about the choices that are available to them. Then using this information make informed decisions about their own health.

Work Specific Programs

We offer a number of program options for use in the workplace/corporate environment. These include:

  • Work site assessments.
  • Manual handling training.
  • Health consultancy.
  • Lectures and presentations on health related topics.
  • Pre-employment functional testing.
  • Pre-work stretching programs.
  • Exercise assessment and prescription for functional strengthening and work conditioning programs.

All our programs are structured to the specific workplace, the work areas and the audience for which the programs are being targeted/tested. Incorporating advice on how to build these aspects into both the working and home environments to improve the employees’ health and quality of life.

Sports Specific Conditioning

Exercise physiology is an effective method to improve sports performance or to train for a specific event (such as the Burnie Ten and Launceston Ten).

Exercise physiologists are able to constructed exercise programs to prepare the athlete for competition, incorporating various training methods, fitness and strength training.

This also incorporates competition-specific training elements focusing on areas in the athlete’s performance that could be improved upon and developing these before reaching competition.

Rehabilitation following sporting injuries is also available from basic sprains and strains to fully comprehensive programs following surgery (for example knee and shoulder reconstructions) or significant injury (such as significant soft tissue damage, broken bones).

General Health Programs

For advice on lifestyle modifications to improve your health, from basic dietary advice to using different forms of exercise and stretching programs to assist daily living.

Fully supervised one on one sessions for general conditioning and strength training programs are available.

These are done in a supportive and relaxed environment focusing on improving overall health and well-being and to achieving your health and fitness targets.

Session lengths are 45 minutes to 1 hour.